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A pandemia de COVID-19 agravou a situação de vulnerabilidade em nossas comunidades. Por isso, o Programa de Voluntariado lançou uma campanha especial para que os integrantes possam contribuir com instituições parceiras, que atuam com esse público. Para aumentar ainda mais nosso impacto, a Braskem multiplicará em 5X as doações de seus integrantes, em formato de cestas básicas.

Tour your Future is now online!

Tour your Future - Online Version


Tour Your Future is an effort from Carnegie Science center in Pittsburgh, which gathers girls to tour local businesses in the STEM technologies. For the first time ever, we will be doing this event virtually!


At Braskem, we will be giving a virtual tour of the lab area(s), hosting hands on activities, and offering a career panel discussion. These activities will be carried out by our lady laboratory technicians, technical service engineers, R&D engineers, and etc.


In a virtual manner, our Team Members will conduct hands-on science experiments with the girls, describe what working in a STEM field is like, teach them about sustainability and recycling, and provide a video and picture tour of our lab facilities.


If you want to be one of these volunteers sign up here or send an e-mail to


We are counting on you!

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Name of NGO
Carnegie Science Center

04/13/2021 , Start time: 13:00. Finish: 15:00

Online Campaign

Action Leader Name: MEGAN FORSHEY

Action Leader Email:


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    Tour your Future - Online Version

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