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The Crowd Effort 2021 is a collective initiative organized by Braskem, which gathers team members and guests to carry out volunteer activities in their local communities.

WeCARE Week - Post-Consumer Plastic Artwork Contest

We are inviting you and your household members to get creative with post-consumer plastic. For this activity you will be tasked to create art using only post-consumer plastic.

Check below all of the requirements for your artwork entry!

1.Sign up in the form below that description.

2.Art needs to be made on a flat surface that ultimately we will be able to be mounted on a wall. Art should be no bigger than 12” x 12”. Recommend making art using cardboard, canvas, or plastic sheet as a backer board. Also recommend using hot glue/gorilla glue/strong adhesive to adhere plastic pieces/objects to board. The “backing board” is the only part of the art that you can use a material other than post-consumer plastic if needed.

3.Artwork should be guided by this quote: “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”-Verna Myers. Let this quote inspire you to create art that you feel best represents the message!

4.Clear photos (feel free to take as many as needed to appropriately capture art) will need to be submitted to Brittany Darras who will organize all entry information for D&I Council. All pictures should be emailed together in one email to Brittany. Please include name of team member or household member who created the art.

5.The artwork will be judged based on creativity, ability to convey the quote’s message, and the ability to utilize only post consumer plastic materials in the making of it.

6.Art should be retained until we are able to come back to the office if possible.

7.All artwork needs to be submitted via emailed pictures to Brittany by 5PM November 27th. Winners will be announced during WeCare week.

Fun Tip: When creating artwork, take note of the resin identification code found on the plastic packaging. If creating artwork with children, feel free to use this as an educational opportunity to teach children about the different types of plastics (#1-7) and what is able to be recycled in your community (if you don’t know call your hauler and/or township!) If you want an “extra” challenge, you can try making your artwork from only post-consumer polypropylene.

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Below is the list of conversations that will take place during WeCARE Week. Please indicate which discussion you would like to participate in below!

WeCARE Week • braskem crowd efforts

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There will be a fundraising campaign during lectures for waste sorting centers

11/28/2020 to 12/05/2020

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