Tour Your Future

Young ladies (ages 11-17) will visit Braskem to learn about STEM careers in the polymer industry

Tour Your Future is an effort from Carnegie Science center in Pittsburgh, which gathers girls to tour local businesses in the STEM technologies.

At Braskem, we will be giving a tour of the lab area(s), hosting hands on activities, and offering a career panel discussion.
These activities will be carried out by our lady laboratory technicians, technical service engineers, R&D engineers, and etc.
Our Team Members will conduct hands-on science experiments with them, describe what working in a STEM field is like, teach them about sustainability and recycling, and provide a quick tour of the applications lab.

If you want to be one of these volunteers sign up here or send an e-mail to

We are counting on you!

Action Leader Name : Megan Forshey

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Macro objective

Human Development

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  • Name of NGO

    Carnegie Science
  • Date

    03/10/2020 , Start time: 01:00. Finish: 03:00
  • Address

    Braskem Pittsburgh